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Be Prepared Ahead of Time

When meeting with your bookkeeper or accountant, you should be somewhat prepared ahead of time.  We have compiled a list of some of things to have ready before meeting them.  This will help your meeting go smoothly and more quickly!


- Your last tax return for your business or personal one if they your business does not have a seperate one.


- Your bank register and statements for the year

- Loan statements and terms.


- A list of which customers owe you money and how much they owe.


- A list of suppliers that you owe money and how much you owe them.


- A list of any special equipment, machinery, or computers you own, including their current value and amounts previously depreciated.


- A written tally of the money you have put into your business.


- Most importantly, if you are new to quickbooks, or just starting up your business you will have to decide on a start date to which we will use for your file.  This start date is the date that you begin tracking your business in Quickbooks.  For current users of quickbooks this is not needed!


- Next you will need all of your receipts, deposit slips, statements, invoices that were involved with business transactions only! (Not Personal Use)



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